Tru-Flow Services Pty Ltd have over 30 years worth of experience within the Commercial and Civil Plumbing industries and are recognised for their efficient service.

Tru-Flow Services has the drive to meet the most intense projected completion dates with quality and work co-ordination, a must for all involved within the company.

We use our own plant and equipment for the installation of plumbing and drainage, enabling us to undertake extensive infrastructure works for private developers and regulated governing bodies with efficient outcomes for all involved.

We pride ourselves on our strong working relationships with Contractors, various Councils and Hydraulic Consultants.

Tru-Flow Services Pty Ltd have a varied list of equipment and personnel at our disposal. We train our employees and contractors to use this equipment correctly and in the safest fashion. Our employees hold current certificates in pipe laying, plumbing, gasworks, confined space work and have many years’ experience in these fields.

All our machine operators are licensed and instructed in the correct way to use our machines. Our machinery is checked daily by our operators and are serviced regularly. Our electrical equipment is also checked and tagged as per the Queensland Electrical Safety Regulation.

Tru-Flow Services Pty Ltd also run as a maintenance plumbing company with employees servicing the Brisbane and Ipswich area. The maintenance teams are also utilised for the upkeep and servicing of our projects and are available seven days a week to ensure all your service requests are responded to in a timely manner.