Tru-Flow Services Pty Ltd have been combined in the industry for over 30 years and have acquired a vast variety of knowledge in the Commercial Plumbing Industry. Our company has the drive to meet the most intense projected completion dates on all projects with quality and work co-ordination. Tru-Flow Services considers this a must for all involved in our company.

At Tru-Flow Services we have our own plant and equipment for the installation of plumbing and drainage, which enables us to undertake extensive infrastructure works for private developers and regulated governing bodies with efficient outcomes for all involved. At Tru-Flow Services we have a major emphasis on working within predicable completion targets, delivering quality workmanship whilst adhering to safety standards which our company considers essential for any project to be successful. Through all of our experiences within the industry we have had the opportunity to build strong working relationships with numerous Contractors, various Councils and Hydraulic Consultants.

Working with us

Tru-Flow Services have over 30 years of experience and are recognised for their efficient service